V-Girls Action Team

Rociel Pena

An emotional creature cannot be persuaded to think, act or be something she is not. An emotional creature knows herself, which includes knowing her body, her mind, her heart and of course her soul. I am an emotional creature because I tell it like it is, because I don?t believe in censoring yourself, because when you censor yourself, you lose yourself. I am an emotional creature because I am aware that I feel. And although I might not be able to describe what I feel at the instant I?m feeling it, I know that indescribable feeling is a part of me. And that?s ALL I need to know. Although some might want me to be less emotional, I can?t control myself. And why would I want to? Girls are changing the world in that we are a force to be reckoned with, and finally more and more people are aware of this. Girls want to make a difference, and when they join forces, they come away knowing they can solve any problem. We have a great capacity to observe, internalize and then react. We don?t just go around life simply letting life happen to us. We experience everything, feel everything, and do everything possible to make it better.