V-Girls Action Team

Olivia Oguma – Mentor

An emotional creature is someone with the power to change the world! An emotional creature is anyone, filled with the intensity, emotion, strength, beauty, love, ambition and determination. And most of all an emotional creature refuses to conform, be silent and be anything but emotional. She knows it is her right to be emotional and wears that right like a red badge of courage. I am an emotional creature because I cry when I?m happy and when I?m sad and I will no longer apologize for it. I am an emotional creature because when my boyfriend tells me to stop being dramatic, I explain to him that it?s who I am. Girls are changing the world because girls are the ultimate survivor. There is nothing girls can?t do. Girls are changing the world from Jessica Watson being, the youngest sailor to circumnavigate the globe to Rachel Corrie who died fighting for what she believed in on the Gaza strip. But girls are also changing the world in smaller ways that are just as significant and thoughtful. The girl who refuses to bully someone when everyone else is doing it. The girl who plays ice hockey when others are cheerleaders. The girls who educate themselves with more than Cosmo magazine- these girls are changing the world to. And thank god they are!