V-Girls Action Team

Molly Houlahan

In today?s society, emotion is viewed as something inappropriate that must be controlled. An emotional creature allows everything to flow through them and seep out their pores. They love and scream and weep. They live honestly and fully. They dare to hope that the world will get better. They dare to believe they can change the world. Temperance does not exist in my world. I feel so much, it hurts sometimes. I cannot help but feel what others are feeling. I do not look around and say, ?Things will never change.? I try anyhow. I dare to hope that human kind can improve and progress. I believe if I empower enough girls, that we can literally change the fabric of the future. Girls are changing the world every day in big and small ways. Girls are not only the future, they are the present. They have the most enormous hearts, the most tenacious stubbornness, and the most vicious hope. They understand how the world should really be. They understand what the real values of our world should be: love, peace, hope, beauty, strength, and justice. They believe in the impossible and are not afraid to be emotional creatures.