V-Girls Action Team

Mbali Khumalo

Just as Martin Luther King, Jr., I too have a dream. I dream of a world populated by emotional creatures. In this world, the men are not ashamed to cry and feel. They understand that being an emotional creature is a bond they share with their sisters, mothers, daughters and wives. In this world, no man would ever harm a woman. I dream of the wonderful things that girls around the world will do when they realize just how powerful they are. I dream of my sisters being able to wear their short skirts with pride, confidence and without fear of judgement or rape. I dream of a world in which people can love whomever they love without being shunned, a world in which war isn?t even considered, and where it?s cool to use protection. In this world girls are encouraged to have an opinion and not be afraid to voice it. I believe that we are all emotional creatures; therefore my dream world can become reality. All we need do is accept and embrace it! I am an emotional creature because I love deeply, accept whole-heartedly, laugh until I cry and embrace my intensity. I am an emotional creature because I am outraged when another girl is abused and am happiest when helping others. I am an emotional creature because I am me, 100 percent, flaws and all. If we all embrace ourselves as emotional creatures we can make theworld a beautiful, safe and magical place for everyone. I know with every fiber of my emotional being that this dream of mine will come true.