V-Girls Action Team

Mai Shbeta

I believe that every person is an emotional creature, and I believe that also many of the animals are. An emotional creature is a creature that has feelings. It?s a creature that can love, be happy, sad and care for self and others. It can identify with others and understand them and their feelings. I can love, care and feel with others. When I?m in conflict with someone, I try to put myself in his position and understand how he feels. I care about myself and the people I love, but also about the people around the world that have difficult lives and need help. Girls are the world. Without girls and women the world wouldn?t exist. We are the essence that is holding the world. Men say that we are too emotional and weak, but I believe that the emotions are our power. They give us the power to open up to other people, opinions and beliefs. They give us the power to be kind and loving. Without all these, the world would be in chaos. I believe that if women take even more leadership, everything would look much better.