V-Girls Action Team

Lulu Mickelson

An emotional creature is anyone who has gone there. Opened themselves up, even for just a moment, to deep love or engulfing grief. Anyone who has been wrapped in giddy anticipation or flung into complete despair. Who has felt the warmth of belonging or the alimentation of complete isolation. Who has danced with a dream or nursed a wound. A man or woman, a boy or girl who has surrendered to the illogical, ineffable world of emotion. I see myself as an Emotional Creature in that, like all other human beings, I have a key to the inexplicable, intangible, purely human realm of emotionality. Although my definition of an Emotional Creature is universal, I firmly believe that girls play a unique and pivotal role in improving our world and allowing feeling, compassion, and hope into our societies. Girls have deep unadulterated, connection with their emotions. They understand that the world is interconnected, that change is possible, that being who we are and feeling what we feel is justified.