V-Girls Action Team

Coco Kimelman

An emotional creature cries her heart at random times and for absolutely no reason and it’s ok. She fears where our world is going and whether things will be, composed of women who raise questions about their own lives and work to discover what they really want. Through talking, writing, acting, “head sending” etc., teenage girls around the world are able to amplify their voices and speak their minds, despite how reluctant some may feel, and the dangers associated with speaking out. I am an emotional creature. My life is a storybook of unanswered questions, and reading Eve?s book gave me permission to open the door to a new chapter in my life of self-discovery. Girls are brilliant and all of us, no matter how shy or outgoing, have the ability to be leaders. We are convincing. We are charming. We have warm hearts, and we always have the ability to fight for what?s right.