V-Girls Action Team

Molly Carden

I am an emotional creature because I am always struggling to stay open. I used to think that feeling everything intensely and caring so much all the time made me weak or inferior. But this is not the case! As Eve has taught me, it is the opposite! Our power lies in our sensitivity. Sensitivity is empathy. It is the ability to reach beyond ourselves and make the world a better place to live in. Sometimes I let the world get to me. It shuts me down. But now I realize that the most important thing is to find the strength contained within my emotional creature self, my true self, my whole self to help change the world around me. I am so proud to be an emotional creature.

Mbali Khumalo

Just as Martin Luther King, Jr., I too have a dream. I dream of a world populated by emotional creatures. In this world, the men are not ashamed to cry and feel. They understand that being an emotional creature is a bond they share with their sisters, mothers, daughters and wives. In this world, no man would ever harm a woman. I dream of the wonderful things that girls around the world will do when they realize just how powerful they are. I dream of my sisters being able to wear their short skirts with pride, confidence and without fear of judgement or rape. I dream of a world in which people can love whomever they love without being shunned, a world in which war isn?t even considered, and where it?s cool to use protection. In this world girls are encouraged to have an opinion and not be afraid to voice it. I believe that we are all emotional creatures; therefore my dream world can become reality. All we need do is accept and embrace it! I am an emotional creature because I love deeply, accept whole-heartedly, laugh until I cry and embrace my intensity. I am an emotional creature because I am outraged when another girl is abused and am happiest when helping others. I am an emotional creature because I am me, 100 percent, flaws and all. If we all embrace ourselves as emotional creatures we can make theworld a beautiful, safe and magical place for everyone. I know with every fiber of my emotional being that this dream of mine will come true.

Chiara Klatich

If we teach and empower girls (and boys) around the world, we will see changes in the world when they reach power positions and when they bring up the next generations. It is in young people today where the hope of a brighter, equal, and fair future lies, free of sexism and other kinds of discrimination.

Busisiwe Mkhumbuzi

I admire emotion and respect its intensity. My dream is to help women help themselves by re-gaining full consciousness of their worth and equality in society. Gone are the days where we as women accept being marginalized, I eagerly await the day that will bring gender quality and understanding of the depth and relevance of emotion. I cannot give money to all the women suffering trauma out there, but if I can start by empowering them with knowledge, which is power, and love ? things that mankind hunger for beyond food ? I will have sown a flawless quilt of women who are the very best.

Adriana Zea

Whenever a girl has a feeling of disconformity, that causes a vibration inside her. This is the first step for change to happen. Girls are told they are emotional. This can and must be used as a key resource for change, instead of giving the word ?emotional? a negative connotation.

Mai Shbeta

I believe that every person is an emotional creature, and I believe that also many of the animals are. An emotional creature is a creature that has feelings. It?s a creature that can love, be happy, sad and care for self and others. It can identify with others and understand them and their feelings. I can love, care and feel with others. When I?m in conflict with someone, I try to put myself in his position and understand how he feels. I care about myself and the people I love, but also about the people around the world that have difficult lives and need help. Girls are the world. Without girls and women the world wouldn?t exist. We are the essence that is holding the world. Men say that we are too emotional and weak, but I believe that the emotions are our power. They give us the power to open up to other people, opinions and beliefs. They give us the power to be kind and loving. Without all these, the world would be in chaos. I believe that if women take even more leadership, everything would look much better.

Alexia Perimony – Mentor

An emotional creature is a free human being that respects everyone and everything on earth, but lives freely, because these two things can coexist together. I am an emotional creature because I?m obsessed with reading, traveling, learning other languages, and because I do whatever I think is going to bring me knowledge and open my mind even more. Girls will change the world cause they are at that specific moment of their life – they have this fierce energy, this generosity, this passion that is transmitted to whoever will cross their path. They will bring solidarity. They will not wait forever like we did. They will act. If we help them keep this energy alive, they will change the world for us and with us.

Chloe Massman

To me, and emotional creature is anyone who lives and breathes. It could be a man or woman, boy or girl. There are no limitations to gender or age, no matter the stereotype that our youth are unknowing, or that men and boys cannot be emotional. I am an emotional creature by the way that I think and feel; by how I can connect to nature and other people, and by sharing my personal trauma and abuse with others and reliving others? abuse and trauma vicariously. I believe that girls and women are changing the world by taking control of our equality with others, especially men; standing up for our rights for education, and for saying no to abuse and neglect. We?re changing the world for standing up for what we believe in.

Callie Kittredge

An emotional creature can open their heart and take all the love and horrors of the world and do something about it. Feel a certain way. My heart is so big; I want to hold the whole world in it. Everything hits me with an intensity that makes me want to run and do something important. How will girls change the world? It is simple. They speak up when no one else will. They have a way with words.

Audri Roybal

An emotional creature is within all of us, it makes us human and helps us to relate to one other. Some have learned to embrace their inner emotional creature and others must be guided in that direction. An emotional creature is a feeling, a way of life, it means embracing every aspect of life good and bad. I am an emotional creature because it makes me different than my dad, because I am a girl, because I have been hurt and fallen in and out of love, because I write poetry, because I know that love shouldn?t hurt and that no matter what life is worth living.

Olivia Oguma – Mentor

An emotional creature is someone with the power to change the world! An emotional creature is anyone, filled with the intensity, emotion, strength, beauty, love, ambition and determination. And most of all an emotional creature refuses to conform, be silent and be anything but emotional. She knows it is her right to be emotional and wears that right like a red badge of courage. I am an emotional creature because I cry when I?m happy and when I?m sad and I will no longer apologize for it. I am an emotional creature because when my boyfriend tells me to stop being dramatic, I explain to him that it?s who I am. Girls are changing the world because girls are the ultimate survivor. There is nothing girls can?t do. Girls are changing the world from Jessica Watson being, the youngest sailor to circumnavigate the globe to Rachel Corrie who died fighting for what she believed in on the Gaza strip. But girls are also changing the world in smaller ways that are just as significant and thoughtful. The girl who refuses to bully someone when everyone else is doing it. The girl who plays ice hockey when others are cheerleaders. The girls who educate themselves with more than Cosmo magazine- these girls are changing the world to. And thank god they are!

Rociel Pena

An emotional creature cannot be persuaded to think, act or be something she is not. An emotional creature knows herself, which includes knowing her body, her mind, her heart and of course her soul. I am an emotional creature because I tell it like it is, because I don?t believe in censoring yourself, because when you censor yourself, you lose yourself. I am an emotional creature because I am aware that I feel. And although I might not be able to describe what I feel at the instant I?m feeling it, I know that indescribable feeling is a part of me. And that?s ALL I need to know. Although some might want me to be less emotional, I can?t control myself. And why would I want to? Girls are changing the world in that we are a force to be reckoned with, and finally more and more people are aware of this. Girls want to make a difference, and when they join forces, they come away knowing they can solve any problem. We have a great capacity to observe, internalize and then react. We don?t just go around life simply letting life happen to us. We experience everything, feel everything, and do everything possible to make it better.

Lulu Mickelson

An emotional creature is anyone who has gone there. Opened themselves up, even for just a moment, to deep love or engulfing grief. Anyone who has been wrapped in giddy anticipation or flung into complete despair. Who has felt the warmth of belonging or the alimentation of complete isolation. Who has danced with a dream or nursed a wound. A man or woman, a boy or girl who has surrendered to the illogical, ineffable world of emotion. I see myself as an Emotional Creature in that, like all other human beings, I have a key to the inexplicable, intangible, purely human realm of emotionality. Although my definition of an Emotional Creature is universal, I firmly believe that girls play a unique and pivotal role in improving our world and allowing feeling, compassion, and hope into our societies. Girls have deep unadulterated, connection with their emotions. They understand that the world is interconnected, that change is possible, that being who we are and feeling what we feel is justified.

Nailois Kamwaro

An emotional creature is an expressive human being who cannot just sit and watch things going the wrong direction. She stands up shoulders high to defend his rights and demand to be listened to. I am an emotional creature because I stood for my rights and refused to be mutilated and married off at an early age against my wish. I want to be listened to, my rights to be respected and more so my body. Girls are changing the world through being empowered on their rights, education and given a chance to make decisions. When girls are empowered, the society is empowered and the whole world is empowered.

Molly Houlahan

In today?s society, emotion is viewed as something inappropriate that must be controlled. An emotional creature allows everything to flow through them and seep out their pores. They love and scream and weep. They live honestly and fully. They dare to hope that the world will get better. They dare to believe they can change the world. Temperance does not exist in my world. I feel so much, it hurts sometimes. I cannot help but feel what others are feeling. I do not look around and say, ?Things will never change.? I try anyhow. I dare to hope that human kind can improve and progress. I believe if I empower enough girls, that we can literally change the fabric of the future. Girls are changing the world every day in big and small ways. Girls are not only the future, they are the present. They have the most enormous hearts, the most tenacious stubbornness, and the most vicious hope. They understand how the world should really be. They understand what the real values of our world should be: love, peace, hope, beauty, strength, and justice. They believe in the impossible and are not afraid to be emotional creatures.

Amy Leon

An emotional creature is someone who allows their emotion to flourish without censorship. An emotional creature is knowledgeable of what goes on around them and can relate to people despite the fact they may/ or may not be in similar situations. An emotional creature is a person who is beautiful in all aspects of the word, and has one goal in life, which is to live happily in the standards set by herself not the standards created by society. I live and breathe through my emotions. I am confident and know exactly where I stand in this world despite the people who try to say otherwise. I am beautiful, strong minded and see the corruption that I could easily become a part of and choose not to. Girls are existing, resisting, fighting back?standing up, accepting, rejecting, loving, being?living. That is how we are changing the world.

Coco Kimelman

An emotional creature cries her heart at random times and for absolutely no reason and it’s ok. She fears where our world is going and whether things will be, composed of women who raise questions about their own lives and work to discover what they really want. Through talking, writing, acting, “head sending” etc., teenage girls around the world are able to amplify their voices and speak their minds, despite how reluctant some may feel, and the dangers associated with speaking out. I am an emotional creature. My life is a storybook of unanswered questions, and reading Eve?s book gave me permission to open the door to a new chapter in my life of self-discovery. Girls are brilliant and all of us, no matter how shy or outgoing, have the ability to be leaders. We are convincing. We are charming. We have warm hearts, and we always have the ability to fight for what?s right.