It Is Time To Refuse To Be Taken And Retaken


Busi Mkhumbusi

The first time I heard about the abduction of 234 girls in a school in Chibok was 2 weeks ago. I did not do much to act because I believed that the Nigerian government would intervene very?swiftly. I believed that they would?prioritize girls and their?right to an education. This has not happened. What struck a nerve for me as a V-Girl is that it is believed that these girls have been?sold into marriage to the ‘Boko Haram’ militants and some have been moved to nearby countries of Cameroon and Chad.


Cecile emailed a couple of V-Girls and I urging us to use the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls and to sign the online petition on She also told us that over 1 million women would be protesting in Abuja throughout the week. That is when I really felt as though I have a role to play in raising awareness and rising for Nigeria.


I came up with the #headwrap campaign and I asked people to wear a headwrap and tag me in their pictures. At first I had 10 pictures, now I am battling to put an OBR slogan on all of them. Participants love the OBR slogan because it makes them feel as though they are part of something bigger than themselves – and they are.

Headwraps are an obvious symbol of compassion for our Nigerian sisters because they have been a part of their history for centuries. Wearing a headwrap will not bring back the girls but it will get more and more women involved by making the issue relatable. I believe that if every women wore a #headwrap and used the hashtag?#BringBackOurGirls?today, that would raise a lot of global awareness and put pressure on the Nigerian government to act.


I went to the Naija Soc Prayer Vigil at the University of Cape Town this evening and for the first time in 2 weeks, I got to say a prayer for the girls. I believe that there is hope. I spoke to Naija Soc and they have agreed to support a Cape Town (CTP) event. This is great news for me because CPT has been waiting for an action.


The event is called Cape Town rises for Nigeria and I am asking people to join us outside Parliament for a peaceful protest as part of efforts to call on the South African government to release an official statement on their plan to free the 234 girls who were abducted in Chibok. You can find information on the event here.


It is time to refuse to be taken and retaken. We want those girls freed and we demand the SA gov. to issue an official statement.?We are girls. We are refusers. We will refuse to be abused.


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