Emotional Creature Toronto – A Rollercoaster of Learning, Bonding, and Sharing

V-Day Toronto is producing the first production of Emotional Creature in Canada. Cast member Riley Chow writes about her experiences as a cast member below. If you would like to put on your own production of Emotional Creature sign up at our VSpot. Catch Riley and everyone in their production of Emotional Creature at the Young People’s Theater Mainstage on Saturday, February 22nd and Sunday, February 23rd. Buy your tickets now!?

Riley Chow

Riley Chow

Working on and creating such an emotional and powerful piece has been such an incredible experience. It?s been a rollercoaster of learning and bonding and sharing and I cannot believe that it?s already nearly over. Getting together with twelve other teenage girls and being thrown into such an intense piece was really scary at first.? I was really nervous and quite hesitant to really let go and not hold back but after the first couple rehearsals of awkward interactions and embarrassing moments, we?ve all become a quite tight knit group of people.

To begin with, it was an entirely new experience for me because I personally haven?t ever done a serious production like this before; only small school or community plays for fun. I had no idea what to expect, what the process was going to be like or what it was going to be like working with a dozen other girls that I?d never met before.

I remember, at the very first rehearsal, we all sat in a circle and just talked about issues that women were facing in the world and what it was like to be in grade eight or to be finished high school. We shared our personal experiences and our personal views on different subjects. I don?t think I?m ever going to forget that afternoon because I took so many good things, so many emotions and feelings away from it.

Once I got over the initial self-consciousness and nervousness I really felt so comfortable in the space and around everyone else and it was so much easier to learn when I let myself open up. I?ve learned so much in such a short time span, and my eyes have been opened up to so many things that I?d never even thought about. I feel as though I?ve grown a lot as an actress as well as a person and I?m still growing and learning from the other people. It?s been so interesting hearing other people?s opinions and views and stories, learning about other people?s outlooks on life and certain controversial subjects.

In a lot of ways we are all completely different, we all come from very different backgrounds and families and we all have very different experiences with life up until now but at the end of the day we?re all teenage girls and we can all relate to each other with certain things. It?s amazing how different two sixteen-year-old girls can be and it?s just as amazing how similar a thirteen year old and a nineteen year old can be. Although we can be drastically different, there?s a certain language, a certain way of communication that teenage girls all just know. There?s a way that we can just tell what a girl feels or means just by the way she says something, and it?s really quite magical.

I?m really sad that the show has come to an end so quickly and I won?t be able to see all of these amazing people on a regular basis anymore, but it?s been such an incredible ride and I am so happy that I got to share it with everyone. I have made some great friends and created some great memories, and although it has to end I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of this amazing adventure. I truly have realized that I am an emotional creature.


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