V-Girls Occupy: Meet Mesiah, New York City

By Mesiah Hameed, Guest Blogger

My name is Mesiah Hameed.? I am 16 years old. I am reporting from my eleventh day at Occupy Wall Street.? What an eleven days it has been! ?I have witnessed police beat my friends, arrest my neighbors, and scare our youth.? Amongst all of the chaos, I have never experienced more beauty. The serene feeling I get while re-entering the park from a long day of school is absolutely indescribable. The people I’ve met and the things I am learning seem to be endless.

I have been attending protests since a very young age. Both my parents used to be quite involved in the world of activism. That may be one of the reasons I knew I had to attend Occupy Wall Street, but that is not all of it. Since a young age I have questioned the rules of authority. It never made sense to me. With age came lots of fights and misunderstandings dealing with issue. Authority is everywhere we go – it is inescapable! My disagreement with authority has continuously led me back to the world?s biggest authoritarian figures, The government.

I am the 99%. Though my age may surprise some, I take advantage of it. I make a statement. I inspire youth of all ages to be more independent and learn things on their own. I am embarrassed of my age group because other 16 year olds discuss shoes, iPads, and sex while I invest all my time in protest and justice.

I have read newspapers and watched videos on this revolution. Many of them share false and fabricated information regarding our purpose. What the media does not know is that the purpose is much too big to be titled.? I have met everyone from students in debt to homeless grandmas. We all fight together. Personally, I am here to?represent?the youth. You are not born knowing about the corruption of our systems worldwide.? I should not take several years to come to reality that we are being cheated of our freedom! I was raised in such a way that even if it does not affect me, I am aware and do all I can because it could very well affect me anytime or moment.

I am very passionate about this movement. I wake up at Zucotti Park with such drive, an open heart, and wide ears to listen to all. I know that my passion for this sparks passion within others! This is so important for the world. We must get our youth to the protest and tell them what is happening. ALL AGES NEED TO BE APART OF THIS.? We need to stop having authority over the young and let them find their own understanding of life. That is why I am here. I will stay until we see change.


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