I Will Dance to Find Myself

Conner Kimelman, V-Girls Action Team Member

I don?t dance, but I want to. My lack of true ability is beside the point. When I read the monologue, I Dance by Eve Ensler, something inside me is triggered. I feel electrified. I feel alive. I am reminded that I?m missing out on knowing my soul. I?ve always been told that I?m ?very mature for my age,? or that I?ve had to grow up a lot sooner than I should. I allow the flaws of my family to glaze over the praise of my supporters. I am always going to be hidden by this need to impress, to be ?strong,? and to be the mother of my own youth. But all I want to do is dance. Dance because I am still young. And dance because it?s fun and not what is expected by my peers. I?ll dance to find myself. Dancing to me signifies much more. It symbolizes freedom to do what your heart desires. And be the girl that I feel weighing on me with disgust for the person I am pretending to be. V girls is my dance. It?s helping me to find my dignity, my aggressiveness, my na?vet?, my confidence, and my eagerness to use my individuality to empower and stand up and speak out for women who cannot resist pain inflicted on them. For those who are beautiful in their hearts, that are strong and most courageous, but cannot protect themselves from violence and pain. Women are emotional, and it makes us real and powerful while also connecting us so that we are strong together. We can build ourselves up and take back what is taken from us. We can break the chain so that our followers can avoid feeling the same inflicting pain.

I?m doing this for me, and it feels completely right. I?m most happy when I feel comfortable saying what is on my mind, meaning I have found a surrounding of the most amazing, emotional and strong girls who love and try to express themselves for who they are, not for who they need to be. I feel V Girls is my kerosene that is finding the little burning flame of passion hidden inside of me. That has the ability to light up my whole being. V Girls makes me powerful and confident and eager to get to know all of the other amazing girls who share my motivation, my passion and my deep emotions. Throughout the 2011 year, I want to work my very hardest emitting all of the strength and happiness that V Girls has given me to help kick off a movement through the emotional connections we women can make and our passion to end violence against women who I know are even stronger than I am, but who do not have the same opportunity to speak their mind and use their voices. I am one advocate, but we are a group of amazing strength as a whole.


6 responses to “I Will Dance to Find Myself”

  1. Beth Jukuri says:

    One woman at a time who finds her voice, herself, and stops the chain from growing, and shares her journey is how we can teach others.

    Each of us that finds our individual strong unique voice, creates a ripple for others to do the same.

    Dance and hear the music within!!

  2. I love this. We ALL (no matter our age) need to find the strength to dance and reconnect with our inner emotional creature. THANKS for sharing this.

  3. Well, our being emotions sets us apart from the men. We bring love and compassion into this world

  4. Aruna says:

    You are a bottle of love; glass which can move like a gypsy; emotions are a forest rooted in the heart. Save the Earth by building truth and love. Go for compassion!

    This is a beautiful project (says a man).

    Salaam Sophia x X

  5. We are the bringer of life from our loins alone spring renewed growth and energy,we are a power so strong throughout the world,our hearts have sung and our bodies have danced and rejoiced in that which we are ,woman.All girls have within them an emotional creature we each know just what that means and just what that is.Let your emotional creature come out to play,be yourself,speak your truth,leave when your soul is crying out ,don’t bear the brunt of the sting of an un emotional man that truely loves you not.peace and blessings to all us emotional girls around the world,let us shine.

  6. Allissa says:

    YES YES YES! What can I say… Honey I have posted your article on my facebook wall not only for all the girls out there to also read but mainly to serve as a reminder for me to always DANCE! a reminder about where Ive been where I am going and mostly who Ive ALWAYS been !! Thankyou xxx